8 Ways to Hold Onto Your Youth In The Face Of Adulthood

Published December 29, 2012 by auddity

For all my friends staring down the daunting reality of working 9 to 5 for the rest of your life. Because at this rate, retirement is just a myth for us, folks.

  1. Decorate your house in a whimsical manner You may have to dress fancy for the office or your unpaid internship, but at least you can come home to mismatched cups and a wall covered entirely in old records and bird-shaped shower curtain rings.
  2. Keep all your Disney movies (and watch them frequently) VHSs will soon be a thing of the past and when the last VCR poops out you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t take full advantage of the childhood wonder that is Disney. They may be sexist and racist, but what makes you feel more like a kid than singing Hakuna Matata?
  3. Bright colors Obviously I’m a fan of bright colors, as I endorse them frequently. But seriously, stick a neon barrette in your hair or a fluorescent watch on your wrist and you’ve automatically got a more youthful bounce in your step.
  4. Onesies/footy pajamas This one should be obvious I think.
  5. Dance breaks Grownups take themselves too seriously. Don’t take yourself so seriously, take some time to just dance. Don’t believe me? Look at Ellen DeGeneres.
  6. General silliness Practical jokes, silly voices, costume parties, running around getting into shenanigans, concentration 64, etc.
  7. Work with kids Okay, so not everyone can do this one, but believe me when I say there is nothing that makes you feel more like a kid than running around for 30 minutes playing Big Bad Wolf (in which you’re the wolf of course).
  8. Karaoke Sing badly and loudly and you’ll feel free.

2 comments on “8 Ways to Hold Onto Your Youth In The Face Of Adulthood

  • Awww

    I meant to comment on the last post to say YES. Hilarious. Especially the one about “your friends even know about your middle school crushes.”

    Also: I already do #1 like crazy, #2 Mulan, #3 I like the colors, #4 Have you met me?, #5 I’m going to take a dance break after I write this – just for you, #6 all the time, #7 I’ll work on the kids thing, #8 my car, all the time.

    Love you and your mind.


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