Hello! My name is Audrey and I’m a recent college grad. I’m currently trying to organize my life and collect my thoughts.

As a self-identified queer, I wanted to write something that would give an “inside look” at being queer in a society that depends on binaries. I wanted to speak as a virgin in a queer community which relies heavily on hook up culture. I wanted to write this so people who had never before considered that someone can be more than just gay, straight, or bi would understand that we do exist, and they probably know one of us. I want to be your friendly queer next door. I do not want to imply that we are just like you (“you” being people who fit snuggly into categories like gay, straight, or bi and are comfortable there), because we’re not. I can only speak for myself, and I feel that while I am an odd breed of queer, I also feel that I am very relatable. I want my story to be a way for people to have access to new ways of thinking and to realize that we are all just people trying to make connections with other people in this small, small world.


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